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Holy shit!

2011-08-09 23:42:18 by golem-destroy

Hello blog, I just found this very, very, very hot video. Caution, this is NOT safe for public screens, so be sure to watch this at home or anywhere else that is private and secure. Also be sure to have some lube with you before watching because you will also need that.

Enjoy you sick fucks!


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2011-08-10 01:26:06

I personally think that if this had a well developed storyline like the Lugia one instead of the sudden random dick penetrating his/her butthole, I think that this would have been really great. Still waiting for a Latias one though. :(


2011-08-10 14:15:17

I am furry


2011-08-10 14:17:50

See, you are a furry